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In late July, I managed to leave for the dark sky in the area of the village of Varenikovskaya. The sky there is really good at its zenith, but from the south there was a noticeable orange flare. I could not resist and again shot a number of hydrogen nebulae – M 16, M 17 and Barnard 312. With auto guide and shutter speeds of 2 minutes, there were practically no defective frames.

M 16

M 16 “Eagle nebula”, M 17 “Omega”. July 27, 2019.

-lens Samyang 135\2.0 ED Canon EF
-camera Canon 550Da
-filter Optolong L-Pro clip
-mount Sky-Watcher Adventurer
31 frames per 102s, ISO 800.
Calibration and stackieng with DeepSkyStacker. Scale 37%.
Another bright version

Location: Russia, village Varenikovskaya, Kuban.

Single image without processing.

I decided to try out the ZWO ASI183MC color camera on the Moon. I wanted to shoot the entire lunar disk, so I used the Celestron Omni XLT 127 telescope with the Antares f\6.3 reducer. The Moon was almost entirely in sight. Alas, even with an SSD drive, the maximum recording speed jumped from 10 to 15. In the height-cutting mode (3672×3672), we managed to draw 24 fps. Moreover, in Firecapture FPS was unstable – SharpCap provided stable 24 frames per second.

Color Moon, September 13, 2019, 00:20 (UTC +3).

Color Moon, September 13, 2019, 00:20 (UTC +3).

-telescope Celestron Omni XLT 127
-Celestron NexStar SE mount
-Antares f\6.3 reducer
-filter ZWO IR-cut
-camera ZWO ASI183MC.
Processing: Autostakkert (stacking 100 frames from 2928, deconvolution). Scale 50%.
Fullsize – link.
Bright version with another colors.
Location: Russia, Anapa, backyard.

Light pollution filters test

I have accumulated a sufficient number of different light pollution filters. I decided to conduct their comparative testing both with a spectroscope and in the illuminated city night sky. To take the spectra, we used an inexpensive  spectroscope with aliexpress, Canon 550Da camera (a blue filter was removed), an Industar 50-2 lens, and the Sun as a light source. The night test was carried out in the center of Anapa, and the illumination from the Moon also prevented. The results are below.

Spectrums of astronomical light pollution filters.

Spectrums of astronomical light pollution filters.

Night sky test:
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