ISS, April 7, 2019, 19:28

I decided to try capturing the ISS with the QHY5III178m astrocamera. Prior to that, he shot on a SLR camera in single shots. To reduce the impact of turbulence, I decide to add a red filter NPZ. As before, the survey was performed with manual tracking. Yesterday I also tried to take pictures – quite successfully, but a little bit overexpose a picture. Today I have set a smaller gain, I left the same exposure – 1\1000 s. Alas, the SSD was quickly filled, so I did not have time to shoot the entire span. However, the result is positive. I will continue to hunt for the ISS.






-telescope Celestron C8
-mount Levenhuk ATZ
-red filter NPZ
-camera QHY5III178m (3056×2048@50fps).
Location: Russia, Anapa, backyard

Some best single shots: