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  1. Hello!

    You said in the post that the Mars season for 2019 is over and that the next best time to see Mars will be in autumn 2020. How do you exactly know that? Is there some type of software that you use the determine the best times and dates to observe objects in the sky? If so I would love if you could tell me which software you are currently using to plan your observations. I am looking for such a software for a long time but I cannot quit find one that does that type of work for me.

    Love your instagram.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Tobias! Information about the next oppositions can be found on the internet. Opposition of Mars occur approximately every two years.
      For example http://spider.seds.org/spider/Mars/marsopps.html
      Also i use Stellarium – a good software for modeling the starry sky, but it haven’t info about oppositons – you can select the planet, scroll time and see at distance from Earth to the planet.